Walk for Women's Cancer 2010


NAAMA’s Walk for Women's Cancer was held for the first time on August 29, 2004 at the Detroit Zoo. Attracting over 800 participants on an unusually stormy Sunday Morning, the weather, although challenging, couldn't dampen the spirit of the assemblage who put their feet to the pavement in recognition and honor of women diagnosed with cancer.

With over $10,000 profit from this first event donated to Karmanos Cancer Center for the development of women's education and support programs, the success of the event was apparent, therefore the team soon began work on the "2nd Annual" Walk held once again at the Detroit Zoo. With the sun shining down upon the over 1200 walkers, a feeling of optimism, enthusiasm and determination filled the air on Sunday, August 28, 2005.

Event evaluations documented that the mission of the Walk for Women's Cancers - to advocate a better means of publicizing screening and detection guidelines, to support research which will stomp out the growth of women's cancers, and to make a difference in the lives of mothers, daughters, sisters, grandmothers and friends currently living with the disease - was being accomplished.

The 3rd NAAMA’s Walk for Women’s Cancer was held on Sunday, August 29, 2006 and inspite of the rain it drew the largest number of participants with more than 2000 enthusiastic women, men and children. New that year was the “Movin to the Oldies” exercise warm up, team awards and the Drum and Bugle Corp which led the participants throughout the walk’s route.

The 4th NAAMA's Walk for Women's Cancer was another success. On Saturday, September 29th 2007 almost 2000 walkers and over 200 volunteers enjoyed the sunny morning and participated in what has become an annual tradition of celebrating lives and memories of cancer patients.

Proceeds from each of the past Walks were donated to the Karmanos Cancer Center Women's Oncology Clinic for progrmas targeting awareness and early screening of women cancers.